Providing an environment conducive to dignity and independence for our Veterans

​​The Home Depot Tilly Mill #115 is our local area Home Depot. They have been supporting us in our efforts to house our disabled Veterans. They have also given back to the Doraville community by adopting Hightower Elementary School, and we love seeing folks from around town in our store. Welcome to the Tilly Mill Home Depot. We aim to give you the best customer service experience. 

Founded in 1999, Big Ass Solutions is the preeminent designer, engineer and manufacturer of industrial and commercial fans and lights worldwide. In 2016, the company introduced Haiku Home – a residential division with a shared vision of transforming the environments in which we live and work. The new residential brand stands for cutting edge technology, iconic design and conservation without sacrifice. Nothing matters more than our customers, and Haiku Home is committed to delivering innovative products and best-in-class service.

Fair Housing Advocates, a nonprofit fair housing organization committed to ensuring that all protected class members are provided equal housing opportunity without regard to their Race, Color, National Origin, Religion, Sex, Familial Status, or Disability.  FHA is especially concerned with providing no-cost fair housing services to our disabled military veterans, law enforcement, and first responder personnel and their families. Many of FHA’s cases involve disabled veterans being subjected to housing discrimination and mistreatment because they have PTSD, or TBI, and need to live with their service dog or emotional support animal.  We provide no-cost fair housing education and outreach for any organization, as well as provide no-cost counseling, referral and advocacy services for any victim of discrimination.

At Rototime, we are focused on making gearbox and coupling product that require low or no maintenance, high reliable and can perform at peak demand and can be adapted/changed to fit a machine design. We are helping companies improve margins with our gearbox product line. In addition, we are willing to work with our customers to develop the best suited and most productive gearbox to meet their needs. We believe in creating value by innovating and improving our products and providing before and after sales support. A long term business relationship built on trust, respect and continued responsible partnership.

The Atlanta Multicultural Festival is an event held every year by Congressman John Lewis that fosters the spirit of unity in the 5th District by inviting multicultural organizations to share their food, heritage, traditional dress, dance, and music with others in the Atlanta metropolitan area. We are on Congressman John Lewis' Multicultural Committee.

Veterans Empowerment Organisation (VEO) focuses on taking "Invisible Veterans" off the streets of our cities and placing them into a safety net of support that provides immediate and long-term housing, treatment and recovery for addiction, healthy meals, basic necessities, and clothing, as well as medical care, mental health counseling, life-skills training and workforce development support. We are a proud supporter of VEO. 

Follow Me Realty Associates is a Veteran and Family owned realty business. They believe in serving our Military, men and women, past and present. They donate a portion of earned commission to various Veteran foundations. We are a proud supporter of Follow Me Realty Associates.

Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) was founded in 2004 by an Iraq Veteran at a time when there were little to no resources available for post-9/11 vets, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) has quickly become the nation's largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization representing new veterans and their families. We are a proud supporter of IAVA.

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