Providing an environment conducive to dignity and independence for our Veterans


  ​​These buildings are built or equipped with:

  • Energy efficient building materials that are thermally and acoustically insulating, fire and bullet proof, hurricane and earthquake resistant (videos of the material can be seen here)
  • Solar panels to produce clean energy
  • Solar hot water heaters to produce hot water
  • A two (2) compartment cistern for storing and repurposing rainwater and grey water
  • A machine that produces water from the humidity of the air

​​These systems will enable our disabled Veterans to live free from monthly power and water bills.

​12-Track Lift System​

13-Adjustable Bed
14-Motion Operated Door
15-Under-Counter Microwave

16-Four Foot (4') Tall Refrigerator

17-Four Foot (4') Tall Freezer

18-Front-Load Dryer

19-Front-Load Washer

20-DishDrawer Dishwasher

21-Adjustable Height Countertops

22-Induction Cooktop

23-Adjustable Height Wall Cabinets

1-Alarm Panels

2-Video Intercom Systems

3-Remote Operated Blinds

4-Remote Operated Windows

5-Intelligent Ceiling Fans

6-Mini-Split HVAC Units

7-Front Load Dryer

8-Front Load Washer

9-Roll-In Shower

10-Toilet w/Bidet & Dryer

11-Hydrotherapy Tub

In addition to building housing for our Veterans, we are helping all of our Veterans by creating jobs and assisting them in the process of reintegrating back into society through behavioral and cognitive therapy as well. These buildings are built by Veterans, for Veterans. Veteran owned businesses are the preferred vendors and contractors. Volunteers may also assist in the construction of these buildings.

We are contemplating the creation of Veteran micro-cities in order to reintroduce our Veterans back into society upon arrival from deployment. The statistics of our Veterans ending up in jail are alarming, as of 2013 at least 700,000 of our Veterans are incarcerated. This program would include but not be limited to conveniently located housing, retail, entertainment, in home and/or group cognitive behavioral therapy, etc.

*Our bylaws state that 100% of all donations and grant monies go toward the construction of housing. Absolutely no overhead or salaries are paid from donations or grant monies obtained (unless designated for such use by the donor or grantor). Overhead and salaries are paid out of revenues produced by these buildings in the form of a monthly rent.

About Project: Welcome Home, inc.-Helping Veterans

 This is the energy efficient,acoustically insulating material that these buildings are built with
This is a ballistic test that shows how the material that is used to build these buildings is literally bulletproof
​This is a test conducted on the material by The Wind Science and Engineering Research Center, Texas Tech University

Demo Floor Plan

Exterior Elevation

These buildings meet and/or exceed the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by offering:

  • Wide door openings
  • All required grab bars
  • All required clearances
  • An open floor plan
  • Accessible refrigerator and freezer
  • Under-counter microwave
  • Front-load washer and dryer
  • Voice and visual intercom system​
  • A hydrotherapy tub
  • An adjustable bed
  • A full set of physical therapy equipment
  • Adjustable height countertops and wall cabinets
  • Toilets with built-in bidet and drying features
  • Voice and motion activated automation (e.g. motorized doors, windows, blinds, lights, television, radio, phone, etc.)
  • ​A track lift system that carries the occupant into the bathroom in order to facilitate utilizing the toilet and entering the tub

These systems will enable our disabled Veterans to have the freedom from depending on a caregiver for menial tasks (that many of us take for granted until we no longer may perform them on our own) such as:

  • Accessing things in the refrigerator, freezer, or microwave
  • Accessing things on the counter tops and in cabinets
  • Opening and closing doors, windows, and blinds
  • Turning on and off lights
  • Controlling the radio and television

It will also enable disabled Veterans to conduct their physical therapy in the privacy of their own homes.

Project: Welcome Home, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that provides our disabled, homeless, and Veterans that suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with environmentally friendly, energy efficient, hi-tech housing specifically designed to address their individual needs while, providing an environment conducive to dignity and independence for our Veterans".

Our purpose is to build small apartment buildings for our Veterans and their caregivers. Each building would be four (4) stories tall and is equipped with both stairs and an elevator. There would be two (2) commercial spaces on the ground floor for retail or other commercial use. There is also a bank of solar panels that act as a covered handicapped parking area that accommodates six (6) transport vehicles (one per unit). The first floor is off the ground (as seen in the Exterior Elevation) in order to provide additional security and peace of mind to some of those that suffer from PTSD. The only means of entry into the building shall be via the aforementioned elevator or stairs, which both require a key fob in order to gain access.

​Each of the upper floors has two (2) units side-by-side (as seen in the Floor Plan). Each unit is a 1125 square foot two (2) bedroom, two (2) bath unit with kitchen, dining room, living room, and an office/physical therapy area in an open floor plan. All aspects of these units meet and/or exceed the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).